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Get It Done In 30 Days

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Are you tired of dreaming about what you want to achieve in your life and never moving toward the actual achievement?

Whether it’s wanting to lose weight or start a business, ever wonder why you’re so excited and committed to starting and then not make it to the finish line? What do you think is going on?

People ask me all the time how I get so much done. They think I must be working 24 hours a day.

My Answer: Planning Commitment Follow Through on the Plan! That’s the Secret!

Here’s what happens to most of us the minute we decide to create something “NEW” – We feel discomfort. This is the #1 reason for not achieving or giving up on a goal.

The cost of your dreams usually looks like this:

  • Confusion

  • Fear

  • Self-Doubt

And many other forms of “I Don’t Know” and “I’m Not Good Enough

These are the Dream Stealers!

Sound familiar? Yeah…. I used to be there all the time, I practically lived there!

OK….who am I kidding, I did live there!

But not anymore!

NOW… I’m able to achieve any and all of my dreams…. WHY????

Because I've practiced the skill of being uncomfortable and doing it anyway!

Here’s the deal, you can either be uncomfortable in the moment and put aside or maybe even give up and never achieve your goal, OR you can feel uncomfortable and do it anyway!

Once you accept that discomfort is part of the process this becomes easier.

Discomfort is the currency for accomplishing our goals and dreams in life!

Be uncomfortable on purpose!

Either choose temporary discomfort while achieving your dreams or long-term discomfort from giving up and not achieving them.

Just remind yourself it’s a choice that we GET TO make! Most of you think it’s just life happening to you!

This feeling or emotion of discomfort is what leads to all the inaction or buffering with other things to avoid taking action.

There is a process I follow – It’s not easy – but it is simple:

Pick “ONE” thing that you want to accomplish in 30 days – Constraint

Something that you know you’ve accomplished it once it’s complete.

It can be anything – no alcohol for 30 days, 3 new clients, lose 8 pounds, write a chapter in, clean out the garage, or start a new business – It doesn’t matter, just pick something!

Pick a date and time it will be completed and write it down – You have to make it real.

Schedule the completion date on the calendar

Now Commit!!!!

Write down WHY you want it, WHY you’ll do it no matter what and WHO will hold you accountable.

Notice what comes up for you:

  • That’s a lot to do

  • I won’t be able to finish

  • I don’t know how to …

  • I’m not …

  • What if …

Ask yourself how you feel when you think these thoughts. What’s the emotion?

Nervous, scared, anxious, doubtful, unsure, dumb …

Now ask yourself what are the emotions that would drive you to take action?

Committed, excited, empowered, disciplined, able, willing, smart, energized, present…

Take your time and really feel it.

Brainstorm Time: What are all the steps you need to take to achieve this goal?

Write down everything you can think of –

Detail as much as you can

It’s OK if you don’t know all the steps – You don’t have to know all of the HOW!

Remember, this is how we learn how to do new things – it happens along the way.

What is between you and your goal? For every plan there are Obstacles.

If there weren’t obstacles, you’d already have what you want.

Here’s the Good News, we can turn obstacles into learning opportunities.

Turn each Obstacle into a Strategy or a Skill

you need to develop.

This is Amazing News!

Example: My desire to eat sugar is conditioned. I will manage urges by keeping an urge list.

Scheduling on the Calendar – This is tedious and you may not want to do this part.

And, It’s A Must – No Exceptions Here!!!

Everything from your list has to get added to the calendar!

Doing this proactive work is what makes everything easier.

You’re the BOSS – You get to decide where things get scheduled and how much time each task requires.

Be Kind and Loving to yourself.

Make sure you schedule in breaks, food, going for a walk, meditation …

It’s important to give yourself whatever you need to maintain a certain level of energy and motivation.

Follow these steps and you will without a doubt achieve your goal in 30 days!

If you’d like to take a deep dive into this work and want to get clear on creating your dreams, schedule a FREE 30 min session and let me help you!

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