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I’m Pratiti Pathak, and I get it!

I’ve been a Super Connector that's obsessed with Creating & Building Relationships & most importantly, the Relationship with myself. Success is created in many ways.

I’ve gone through many of life’s challenges that come from being a single mother, working multiple jobs & many hours to experiencing the loss of my child.

As a busy, always on the go, Realtor, Family member, caregiver & social butterfly, the most valuable commodity for me was time & the one thing I couldn’t get enough of!

I’ve gone from former perfectionist & procrastinator to creating the time to do all the things I truly love, enjoy & appreciate in my life while working less 20 hours per week.

As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, I understand how easy it is to work more and play less. For many years, I put self-care & personal time last on my "To Do" list & always felt like I was missing out on all the fun.

Today, I start each day by taking care of my physical & emotional health, I have learned how to spend my time on all things important to me in a way that is loving, kind & compassionate to myself & it has transformed my life!

Let me share what I've learned with you!

Are You Ready to...

Love Your Business - Love Your Life - Love Your Self!


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Pratiti Pathak

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