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Life Coaching for Rules Breakers & Trailblazers

Stuck being a Captive in your own life?

When was the last time you were:

  • Free from people pleasing?

  • Free from living up to other people's expectations?

  • Free from self-doubt & your own self-imposed limitations?

  • Actually energized about by your own life?

Stop Hiding in Guilt and embrace your authentic self!

I’m Pratiti Pathak, and I get it!

I work primarily with women who have gone through the ups and downs of life, challenges, obstacles, through career, relationship, health, money, divorce, loss. Pretty much anything that comes up in life that can be difficult.


I myself have gone through many challenges from being picked on and bullied as a young girl trying to fit with 2 different cultures, I was a single mom and lost my 17 yr. old son, Devan, 13 years ago. So I know what it takes to not only go through tough times, I’ve also learned what it takes to be resilient and draw on my inner strengths.


Are You Ready to...

Love Your Business - Love Your Life - Love Your Self!

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Carl Ruppel, PA

I had a great experience coaching with Pratiti. She is genuine and truly cares about her clients well being.

Our coaching sessions we're very helpful and also could be flexible due to my ever-changing work schedule.

I would highly recommend Pratiti for coaching!

Tammy Hardy, PA

Pratiti has challenged me to be the very best human I could be to myself & my loved ones!
I look forward to seeing her,  & what she has us working on…if you need to have someone in your corner, making you accountable to what you actually want or need out of your life, Pratiti has your back!
There isn't anything I would feel uncomfortable speaking to her about! She gets me! She grounds me & makes me accountable to myself!
If you have the opportunity to work with Pratiti, you should jump at it! You’ll be pleasantly pleased you did!
My money…, & even more importantly, my time is well spent with Pratiti’s coaching!

Chris Fire, NM

Working with Pratiti has increased my production, number of sales and created more time with my family and for myself.

The way I think about my business and my ability to create the life that I truly desire has completely changed.

I feel like I'm on fire!

Thanks, Pratiti

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