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Stuck being in the Follow the Leader Role instead of being the Leader?

When was the last time you were:

  • Free from people pleasing?

  • Free from living up to other people's expectations?

  • Free from self-doubt & your own self-imposed limitations?

  • Actually energized about by your own life?

Stop Hiding in Guilt and Start Living into your Badass Life!

Let's Create More Time For YOU together!

You have one life to live & only you get to decide what you’re going to do with it.

I’m Pratiti Pathak, and I get it!

I’ve gone through many of life experiences and struggled through most of the first 4 decades and just when I thought I was finally on the path of healing, I suffered the loss of my only child.

As a busy, always on the go, Realtor, Family member, caregiver & social butterfly, the most valuable commodity for me was time & the one thing I couldn’t get enough of! 


I’ve gone from former perfectionist & procrastinator to creating the time to do all the things I truly love, enjoy & appreciate in my life while working less 20 hours per week. 


 As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, I understand how easy it is to work more and  play less.  For many years, I put self-care & personal time last on my "To Do" list & always felt like I was missing out on all the fun.


Today, I start each day by taking care of my physical & emotional health, I have learned how to spend my time on all things important to me in a way that is loving, kind & compassionate to myself & it has transformed my life! 

Let me share what I've learned with you!


Are You Ready to...

Love Your Business - Love Your Life - Love Your Self!

This is ME!


Untitled design (35).jpg

Is This You?

  • You set goals for yourself and just don’t take consistent action

  • You have a busy life you’re just not present in it?

  • Thinking about work when you’re resting and dreaming of rest while working?

  • Want deeper connections in your relationships and not making time for them?

  • You’d love to work less and can’t give up control?

  • Living in overwhelm, accompanied with self-doubt and confusion?

A Young Woman Sitting on a Balcony

How Amazing Would It Be to:

  • Make decisions with clarity, ease and confidence​

  • Create more in half the time without the guilt

  • Feel rested and peaceful while achieving at your highest potential

  • Creating memories and enjoying your free time however you choose

  • Build a trusting relationship with your past and future self


  • ​Know there's plenty of time


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