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Tammy Hardy

Pratiti has challenged me to be the very best human I could be to myself and my loved ones!

I look forward to seeing her,  and what she has us working on…if you need to have someone in your corner, making you accountable to what you actually want or need out of your life, Pratiti has your back!
There isn't anything I would feel uncomfortable speaking to her about! She gets me! She grounds me and makes me accountable to myself!
If you have the opportunity to work with Pratiti, you should jump at it! You’ll be pleasantly pleased you did!
My money…, and even more importantly, my time is well spent with Pratiti’s coaching!

Thank you, thank you,  ,thank you,
I appreciate and am grateful for everything Pratiti and I work on. I am grateful for Pratiti and her coaching! Day in and day out, grateful and appreciative!


Love Ya 

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